Manifesting Your Desires Right Here, Right Now

Hey hey boo! Did you know that you have the power to manifest the life of the wildest dreams? Yes! I said. YOU CAN! It is absolutely possible for you to co-create with the Universe your most authentic, powerful and truest vision for your life. It really all starts with setting clear and specific intentions. But how do you make it all happen? How can you manifest your intentions right here, right now? It is more simple than you think and it actually gives you so much power. I mean, how amazing is that?!

1. Write it all down.

Grab a piece of paper, journal or even use your phone (we have these on hand at all times, right?!) to jot down 3-5 things you want to manifest within a specific time frame. What do you want to manifest this month, this year, this moon phase? Whatever it is, be sure to be clear, confident and direct. I also love adding reminders of my intentions to my phone calendar so I can get a friendly reminder each day to stay on track towards these things.

2. Show up.

What is one small thing you could do today in the here and now to help you co-create your intentions? By just showing up, putting in the work lovingly and truthfully, you will see how seamless your intentions manifest into your life. So if you’re working on self love and self care, maybe you block out an hour a week to dedicate to replenishing your mind, body, soul whether it be yoga, meditation or a mani/pedi. Each step you make and each moment you show up brings you closer to making your intentions happen. You have the power.

3. Meditate to manifest.

Whether it be 5 minutes, 10 minutes or even 90 minutes take time to be in silence. Give your mind a break and allow it to be quiet. Take deep breaths and visualize each of your intentions. What does it feel like to have manifested your intentions? How does your life look like now that you have accomplished your goals and have created a life of your wildest dreams? Notice the smile that arises on your face and feel embraced in love and support. By envisioning the life you desire, you create a covenant with the universe to conspire to help guide you and give you the things you want. It’s almost like magic.

4.  Surrender, let the Universe take over.

There comes a point where you have done all you can on your end. Put your intentions out into the Universe and watch as it all unfolds. Trust that the Universe is working on your behalf to make it happen. Now this doesn’t mean you can just sit back and watch the whole time. Put in your half of the work. Show up. Then surrender. Trust the process and know that at this very moment your intentions are being cultivated and cared for.

After all, your reality is in your hands. You have the power my beautiful friends. You are IN CHARGE! Take the steering wheel and drive on.

Peace, love and no beef 😉



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