Chakras and Crystals

Last weekend I dedicated time to education and empowerment. I signed up for a Chakras and Crystal workshop at my yoga center (which has sadly closed down…I shall find a new home soon enough). Though I have practiced yoga for quite sometime I am not fully familiar with the chakras and how their blockages or even being overly open influence the body. I do know that these incredible energy centers help us in yogic practice to become more balanced, aligned and wholesome beings.

The chakra is a doorway. These are doorways that lead you into other dimensions. But you have to focus on them to the exclusion of everything else.”-

Though I am open to a lot I am also a skeptic about many things. I have moments where I question everything and really wonder what the rational explanation is for it. I made the conscious decision to be open to the experience especially since I was feeling exceptionally drawn to the workshop. I am in the process of trusting the universe and opening up to receiving the messages my intuition provides. Interesting, right?

Each of the seven chakras references different dimensional planes. It is a turnstile that leads us into different dimensions. As the kundalini rises, the knowledge and powers of those dimensions will begin to come to you.”-

So this class was not only filled with an immense positive and healing energy, it was doused in the energy of willingness to learn. I walked in and instantly felt empowered. I have always been interested in crystals. I have so many in my room with NO idea what they are for or what they could do.

I volunteered to have stones laid upon my chakras and found out areas I need to work on. How cool is that? Having these stones placed upon my body sent this cooling sensation from my toes to the crown of my head. I felt calm, safe and surrounded by love and healing. I left the workshop feeling more aware of my body than I was before. I have always know that I am sensitive to energy but now this is clearer than ever.

I am promising myself to be true to my intuition, to listen to my body and to check in with myself to find out what exactly I need.

When your mind is clear and your third eye is open, you can see and know things that are taking place thousands of miles away from you.”-


Peace, love, light and No beef.



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