5 Ways to Kick Cold + Flu Season’s A** {When You’ve Done EVERYTHING + You’re FED UP}

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Okay seriously guys and gals, cold and flu season is here with a vengeance.

I don’t know whether me working with children OR working outside on Saturday’s at the farmer’s market is messing with my system, but homegirl is really feelin’ it. From the random 60 degree days to the re-damn-diculous 11 degree snowy, rainy shiz, my body is like HELLLOOO what is going on. Anyone else in the Northeast going through this right now?

This is the thing that pisses me off (and I mean this in the most self-loving and self-affirming way possible), I take really good care of myself.

So how in the heck do I manage to have my sinuses act the heck up, nose running, throat tickly with some serious body soreness (and I’m not talking about the kind following working out) after doing all the “right” things? I’m sure you know I’m big on not consuming sugar, gluten, I’ve drastically cut down caffeine and I am off of coffee. I supplement regularly, drink Kombucha, eat fermented things, load my body up with nourishing, delicious foods. So, WHAT DA HECK?!

I had a few moments catching myself feeling a bit disappointed or betrayed by my body. But really, my body knows exactly what it needs. And apparently, it needs lots of cozy time to make up for all the cold weather and lots of soups.

I refuse to take any over the counter stuff because let’s face it, it just masks the symptoms and I would have to do some major overhauling of my system to get it back to a loving and nourished place.

So to keep me sane and for you to hopefully share this goodness with yo fams and peeps, here are my 5 tips for kicking this cold and flu bullsh*t’s a** while giving your body some major TLC.


I kid you not, taking HOT baths with Epsom salts, eucalyptus, and a little lavender oil truly makes a difference. I do not deny myself more than one bath, if I want two or three because it feels good, I will do it. Here’s my secret combo: 1/2 big cup of Epsom salts, 1/4 cup baking soda, 20 drops of Eucalyptus or Peppermint oil and maybe if you’re feeling a little feisty, 10 drops of lavender oil.  Soak for as long as you can tolerate or at least until you can breathe a bit. Doesn’t that feel good?

2. Get yourself a neti pot and pour that saline sh*t into your nose.

It is such a WEIRD sensation but is effective for literally clearing out that booger caca you want out of your passages. It kinda feels like you’re swimming underwater for a bit but once you can breathe out of one nostril for a good 15 minutes, you’ll feel a bit appreciative. It’s not one of those instant relief things, you have to keep doing it which is really annoying. But I’m all for a little break in sniffling.

3. Stretch but in a gentle and loving way.

When you do certain yoga poses like a forward fold (this brings energy to the head and helps clear the sinuses), bridge pose (opens the chest while also feels super yummy on the spine), legs up the wall pose (opens the chest area to improve breathing), and others (click here, this is awesome) not only are you massaging your inner organs, you’re kinda helping yourself out for future sickness. At least that’s what I like to believe anyway. I do yoga every day, but sometimes the sickness comes anyway and I just keep doing gentle movements to help me out. Besides, your bed needs a little break from you. You can go back to either the couch or bed after and proceed with your Bob’s Burgers marathon.


Whether it is soup, tea, hot water, water just drink. You will have to pee every 5 minutes but hey, your body is purging. Just know you’re doing the right thing, even though it sucks to leave your bed or couch. At least getting up to make soup is kinda meal prepping for your week right? And making tea is kinda like taking vitamins if you get a great herbal kind. You’re killin’ it with the multi-tasking. Boom. PS One of my fave soups right now is a spicy thaiish soup with miso, red curry paste, fermented chili paste, broth, coconut milk and random veggies. You can throw some seaweed in there too if you’re feeling ambitious or even squeeze a sh*t ton of lime juice. It’s really good. You’ll prob be able to taste it. 

5. Put your diffuser on or humidifier on, get in your favorite PJ’s and go to bed.

Seriously, sleep is underrated. We wear ourselves down ragged and underestimate the power of seriously good orgasmic shuteye. If your boo isn’t home, grab a stuffed animal or a fluffy pillow and just cuddle the heck out of it. And enjoy the fluffiness and coziness that is your bed and be okay with not doing a damn thing for a bit. Just don’t forget to go to the bathroom and make soup occasionally, and take baths. But really the rest of your time should be in bed. I know we have to function as adults (which kinda sucks major butt) but we gotta do our bodies right.

What has worked for you during this torturous cold and flu season?

Let me know in the comments below!

And please remember,

No Beef Here!



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