5 Tips for a Nourished Thanksgiving


And just like that we blinked…and Thanksgiving and the holiday season is upon us. I am sure you’ve seen the intense bombardment of Christmas decorations and you’ve already contemplated your gift lists and wish lists.

Not gonna lie…I’m hype. 

I love the holiday season from the hot cocoa, to singing chestnuts roasting on an open fire, to checking out the tree in Rockefeller Center, I’m all about it. It helps that my husband is just as obsessed with the holiday’s as I am. And it all starts here.


It marks the beginning of an AMAZING time of year.  

I understand that for some, it’s not that hot or exciting. Ya’ll ain’t diggin’ what I’m putting down. It can be stressful, I get it. I’m hosting TWICE this year. Yea. TWICE for Thanksgiving.

From figuring out what in the heck to make and how to navigate the endless options without going overboard, yea, shit can get real.

I want to pass the good juju on to you and give you some inspiration, reassurance and serenity as you enter this beautiful season.

This post will help you:
  • approach holiday dinners and gatherings with ease
  • give you some recipe inspiration so that you’re actually able to eat something
  • debloat/detox from overeating
  • feel cool, calm and collected

Can I get an amen?!!

5 Tips for a Nourished Thanksgiving

1. Give yourself permission to pleasurably indulge. 

Sure we’re surrounded by amazeballs treats, this is why this is my most important tip. Don’t DENY yourself the things you enjoy. This is ESSENTIAL. You do not have the sacrifice the things you truly love just because you’re adhering to a plant based lifestyle or trying to be more mindful of your eating. If you want that baked mac and cheese, have some!!! If you really love having your Aunt Mary’s coconut flan/cake (I’m serious, her flan and cake are the highlight of the holiday season, no way I’m giving that up ever), have a bit. You can mindfully indulge while making conscious portion choices. I’m the type who enjoys trying a little bit of everything, so I literally try, A LITTLE BIT. If I want more, I go for it.  You can always have a little more, if you tune into your body and it says, “hey boo boo feed me a bit more, I’m still hungry.”

2. Bring a delicious healthy dish. 

I know one of the most FRUSTRATING things is going to a holiday gathering and you’re restricted by the types of things available. For example, roasted pork, chicken, beef, mac n cheese (I’m gluten free as of March, so this is tough for me) and rice and beans with lots of meat bits in it. It can get a little frustrating and steer us off track (whatever the heck a track is, you catch my drift 😉 ). My favorite thing to do is bring a meal I can actually eat (that I enjoy) and share it with everyone. It’s pretty freakin’ badass. And your family/friends/guests may actually thank you for bringing out something to balance out the carb load.

Here are some of my favorite recipes to bring/make for a holiday gathering: 

3. Chew chew chew SLOWLY and have a food orgasm. 

Don’t miss out on the fantastic flavors that are ready to have a party in your mouth by rushing through the meal. Slow down. Chew. Breathe. You’ll actually enjoy your gathering more and become more present when you take the time to savor every bite, laugh, conversation and sip. It’s all worth it. And it’s totes okay for you to make some noises. I mean, hello. Pumpkin pie por favor!!

4. Rethink yo drink.

I know, we get excited to have coquito (a Latino version of eggnog that’s really not eggnog but that’s the closest way to explain it), mulled wine, spicy bourbon mixed drinks. Whip up a healthier alternative (I love Bloody Mary’s, don’t judge). All that jazz. Sip slowly but alternate with lots and lots of water. Don’t forget to start your day with a green smoothie (trust me, this works) and sneak some gut supportive Kombucha up in there. Ease that belly bloat, move that food through the body and boom. HEAVENLY POOPS.

5. Reaffirm and reestablish your attitude of gratitude.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” ~ Melody Beattie

Instead of focusing on things you don’t have, the relative that gets on your nerves, and all the things you NEED to do, stop. Pause. Meditate on your blessings. You have a warm home. You are surrounded by love and delicious food. Focus on the things present in your life and enjoy the glow of abundance.

Click here for a meditation to help get you through the season with peace. 

AND…If you are looking for further support, I am leading an Awesome Autumn Cleanse that includes:


A 3 week mind, body and soul detox divided into 4 parts, the nutritional aspect happens simultaneously. 

  • Part 1: mental detox.
  • Part 2: home and environmental detox.
  • Part 3: nutritional detox
  • Part 4: self care retox/detox

Not only do you get a guide, you also receive: Group and community support, WEEKLY emails with reminders, tips and bonus recipes, check ins with me everyday, a new sense of self, refreshed outlook on life and how to add a detox to your life every week.

Click here to sign up!!! 🙂 USE CODE supercleanse to get the cleanse for $5!

May you have a loving, peaceful and nourished holiday.

Peace, love and no beef,



2 thoughts on “5 Tips for a Nourished Thanksgiving

  1. siridatar says:

    Thanks for the Thanksgiving recipes. Amrit and I were looking for some good recipe ideas to make a dish to bring to the Thanksgiving dinner we are sharing with my sister, niece and nephew and his fiancé.

    Looking forward to the autumn cleanse.


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