Savor with Utmost Pleasure

A pleasurable experience with food. Photo taken by Diana Chaplin at Living Body Wellness.

A pleasurable experience with food. Photo taken by Diana Chaplin at Living Body Wellness.

Wow, the last few weeks have really flown by in such a blur. Even with the boxes of copies of my cookbook in hand it still has not really hit me that it’s real. It’s as though I am making all of this up and I haven’t done any of this. It’s still living in my imagination. And yet, it’s all very real. I am having my book launch party next week at Reflections Yoga Studio (very fitting since my book is called, Yogi Eats) and the universe seems to scream to me: keep on carrying on baby girl. You’re on the right and perfect path. Keep doing you and just watch the beauty unfold.

I am relinquishing a bit of my control over how things show up and just letting it flow. It’s enlightening and awakening to have the opportunity to experience so much clarity at this point in my life. I mean, this time last year I was begging to leave the job I dreaded to start fresh somewhere else (and I did) because I was drastically searching for love (career-related) in a hopeless place. But it wasn’t until I got laid off from a job I really loved that I woke the eff up. My passions burst forth and voila my book was born and things feel so right.

Okay, so maybe this wasn’t the best segue into this blog post topic but it’s really ALL ABOUT PASSION! I am working on something super special (keeping it on the low low right now though) and one piece of it has to do with reigniting the spark, the sexiness, the passionate love affair with our kitchens. For me and I’m sure a few other kindred spirits out there feel what I feel. By creating a loving, sensual, full blown raw and sexy relationship with our foods, we can truly live a happier and pleasurable life. I mean, who the hell said we were not allowed to experience pleasure while eating?! Um, hello! Whoever did is full of crap. We NEED to enjoy every morsel that touches our lips. We NEED to feel empowered, connected and nourished by food. And when we ENJOY it with gusto and pure pleasure our body can tell the difference. Can you imagine what it feels like when you trash talk your food? “Oh, I shouldn’t be eating this…but I am anyway.”  or “Damn…this tastes like sh*t but it’s healthy so I have to eat it. It’s good for me.” How about no. Screw that notion. We want to bring the sexy back, to savor our food with the utmost pleasure. YOU DESERVE IT! Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

So, to get our sexy back and have many pleasurable experiences enjoying food, let’s: 

  1. Get rid of the notion that food is the enemy. Stop that sh*t right now. YOU infuse the food with the concept of good or bad.Your thoughts become things. So when you talk to your food, you are creating a verbal agreement with it. As far as I am concerned, everything is an affirmation or manifestation of what we want for our lives. Good, bad, happy or sad. You decide. You co-create your reality so if you want to eat a damn donut, eat the damn donut and let it be the most orgasmic donut on the planet. And you will feel so free leaving that guilt behind! If you feel nourished sipping on a green juice every day, do that. And love every sip. Infuse all you put in your body with love and you will radiate love.
  2. Set the mood & set the tone for a sensual night with whatever you make for dinner tonight. Eat without distractions. And I mean shut the TV off, put Instagram away and crank up that Miles Davis radio station, decorate the table with bright flowers, funky plates and seduce your dish. By mindfully eating (aka eating without distractions) and focusing on what is in front of us, we are allowing ourselves to experience pleasure. We are fully and completely in tune with our bodies and we are able to taste every single flavor present. And that ish is awesome.
  3. Make orgasmic sounds while enjoying your dinner. I’m serious. Make sounds. It’s hilarious, but it’s enjoyable. I reminds us to really be present with the food, be the food, allow its energy to flow through you. You know you wanna enjoy it baby. You deserve to enjoy that food.

Just as cooking should be infused with good vibes, loving ingredients and alladat (all of that lol), we need to infuse the experience of eating itself with love and bliss. Stop rushing. Slow down. Breathe. Chew. Savor. Lick your lips. Lick the bowl. Whatever. Just freaking enjoy eating. And trust me, you’ll look forward to eating even more.

Peace, love and no beef baby,



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