Trusting the process

One thing that is absolutely amazing to me is how hard it is to relinquish our control over life. We have this compulsive desire to hang on to each detail, the results of our labors and even hold on for dear life to our plans.

What we don’t realize is that by letting the reins go even slightly makes way for immense opportunities for growth AND opens up the door for your life’s purpose and passion.

My friend and certified yoga teacher Kathy sat down to chat about this with me in my latest vlog.

Tune in below:


2 thoughts on “Trusting the process

  1. Dave Hong says:

    I always try to maintain as much control as I can, but respond with the appropriate energy. Mind like water. If a pebble is dropped in a tub, the ripples are gentle. Be the ripples 🙂


  2. Donna says:

    These ideas come so naturally to us if we would just listen to our inner selves and the universe or our inner spirit. It helps me, these ideas because it tells me to give myself some space and not be judgmental.. I needed this food for thought.


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