I told the scale to f*ck itself…

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This has been a challenging week for me. Aside from being unnaturally jet-lagged and exhausted, I was struggling to get back into a groove after a week off and I made the decision to go to the doctor for an annual checkup. More specifically, I decided to go to the GYN and I dreaded every day up until the appointment and, of course, the day of.

To be completely honest with you, I’ve never enjoyed going to any doctor. No matter how comfortable or content I am feeling or at peace I am with my mind, body and spirit, I feel a strong discomfort and anxiety right before an appointment. I can’t remember a time when I enjoyed going to a doctor, but who truly enjoys the doctor? I mean, really?!

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Oh Snap, I’m on a Podcast


Hello beautiful friends!

I am back from a much needed (and well-deserved) hiatus from social media, work and more. I don’t think we realize how much time is spent doing mindless things (aka scrolling on Instagram for hours…) and how much time is dedicated to our phones, gadgets, gizmos, etc. It’s a lot and when you’re running your own biz, you really spend more time on these things because I know if I didn’t I would feel I wasn’t making any progress. But after a week off, one thing rang true.

Simplicity is key.

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I am Officially A Published Author

Hello my amazing friends! I am ridiculously excited to share this news with all of you. I can barely keep my feet on the ground. I am…wait for it…officially a published author. Just a few days ago my very first (but certainly not last) cookbook, Yogi Eats: A Delicious Journey to Nourishing Your Soul, was published on Amazon. It is absolutely unreal yet at the same time insanely real because of how easily this idea came to me. It’s incredible how once you let go of the expectation of how things are supposed to show up in your life, how they actually show up and how fantastic they are for your life’s true purpose.

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Trusting the process

One thing that is absolutely amazing to me is how hard it is to relinquish our control over life. We have this compulsive desire to hang on to each detail, the results of our labors and even hold on for dear life to our plans.

What we don’t realize is that by letting the reins go even slightly makes way for immense opportunities for growth AND opens up the door for your life’s purpose and passion.

My friend and certified yoga teacher Kathy sat down to chat about this with me in my latest vlog.

Tune in below:

Bursting Through the Murkiness

“If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.”Masaru Emoto,

As I start to really focus on growing in my passion for cooking, healing and beyond I am realizing how hard it can be. Legit, we have to go through some sh*t and deal with haters and that sucks! But I am realizing that when we really want something or have a desire to fulfill our wildest dreams we HAVE to come across resistance or as I like to call it: murky water. To achieve success or live a thriving life, we may need a little nudge or a little resistance to make sure we really are all about our desires.  I mean, after all the universe gives us room to grow and what is growth without a little game of tug-of-war. This test is ultimately essential. It checks to see if we are ready to burst forth and through the muddy waters and blossom as beautiful lotuses.

Tune into my latest video and hear what I have to say about this topic and be one of the first to hear about one of my new projects!