Quit Blaming Others For Your Stuff

Have you ever noticed that when you feel some type or way or have a reaction towards something or someone, it’s automatically that person or that situation’s fault for making you feel that way? Okay, I know that sounded like a mouthful. But let’s think about it for a second. How freaking often do we blame others for how we feel or the reactions we have? ALL THE TIME. Why? Because it’s so easy to blame someone or attribute your feelings to someone else or something else instead of realizing that HELLO you are the one who feels these things because um…duh you are human and you FEEL THINGS.

We ALL feel things. To blame someone else for these feelings is like saying someone else is in charge of your body, mind, and spirit. And that is complete BS. You are in charge of your life. You are in control of your feelings. Recognize that the next time you want to react, where these emotions are stemming from. Why is this causing a reaction? Was there something in your past that caused you to lash out at someone or caused you to project these feelings onto someone you love?

Tune in below to my latest vlog on this subject.


So the next time you’re feeling some type of way, take a moment to pause and reflect. I mean sometimes you feel what you feel and that’s that. But are you really feeling these emotions because of someone else or is this because of you and the things you need to work on within yourself? Food for thought…


3 thoughts on “Quit Blaming Others For Your Stuff

    • nobeefhere says:

      Haha. Well regardless, focusing on a solution or even how you can change how you view a situation instead of focusing on blaming someone else, is really a great way to go. Your advice is solid 🙂


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