Me? A Spoiled Brat? For being Vegetarian?

Lately I’ve been on a “No, thank you. I don’t eat that,” streak. This has driven a few people around me insane. I’ve gotten a few eye rolls, sucking of the teeth and odd looks. If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I’m very clear about what I do and do not like. In other words, I’m incredibly honest. Now, when it comes to my health, I am what my boyfriend likes to call “incredibly respectful and mindful” of what I put into my body. Well?!? DUH! There’s only ONE of me.

I have always gotten the weird gasp and odd look when I tell people I’m a life-long vegetarian. It just seems so strange to people who have revolved their meals around meat and meat products. I was raised to love vegetables and fruits and to eat healthy. I, of course, had moments of junky, crappy eating. Yes, it is possible for a vegetarian to eat crap. Once I graduated college I made it a point to really pay attention to what I was eating and how I felt after eating whatever I ate.

Now I am at a point where my body just let’s me know “no way this is not working for me. Don’t eat that,” “you’re not really hungry,” or “you need to eat some leafy greens.” I don’t eat chips (rarely-if I do they are blue corn tortilla chips), I don’t eat past 8 pm (this just works for me), me and junk food (aka French fries, fried anything, candy, sugary yuck) are not friends and I only eat when I’m hungry.

When I politely decline something, I am not trying to be rude. I am keeping my best interest at heart. I was appalled when someone said I came across as a brat. Well, I say no for me. I know what I like. I know what works for me. You don’t like it, well, tough you-know-what!

For my people out there discouraged and feeling as though they are straying far from their goals, just remember it is okay to decline something (politely) for the sake of your health.

Eat for you. Eat for your health, not just for pleasure.

Peace, love and no beef!



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