The Veggie Chronicles: Week 1 of Nutrition School Complete

After months of anticipation and a big pile of collected nerves, I finally started nutrition school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I can’t even begin to describe or explain my excitement. I find the joy in starting something new and ever since I can remember, school was always that ONE thing I always looked forward to. There’s just something about learning, taking notes, reading and becoming completely immersed in a topic you love. Ok, I know, I sound like the super nerd. Well, I am. I am just so in love with what’s to come.

The first week flew by. I work at my own pace (which in other words is, I strategically and practically make time and organize every step of the way so that I’m not allowed to procrastinate). I just cringed at my own run-on sentence. I apologize to every single one of my English and journalism professors for that.

Moving on…

This first week was mostly about settling in, setting intentions, goals and figuring out WHY I joined the program. I’m already antsy, waiting for the good stuff to show up. I got extremely antsy that I started listening to extra lectures that were posted by Joy Bauer and Kim Barnouin. I want to absorb as much as I can to become the person I envision myself becoming.

Over the course of this week, I have already learned so much (even though this week is equlivalent to syllabus week in college). I stand firm in my healthy lifestyle. I am proud to be vegetarian. My goals are becoming more apparent even though I am struggling with impatience and would appreciate a little help from my fairy god mother. Cinderella, quit being a fairy god mother hog. There rest of us girls out here need a little help now and then.

Besides my impatience with myself and the slow but steady progress (hey I work hard!) and fruition of my goals, I find myself wanting to help people attain and maintain their health and fitness goals. It’s not as hard as it seems people. You HAVE TO WANT IT! Making a choice for your health and eating for your health is not being snobby, uptight or “bougie.” You are making a choice out of the respect for yourself. Self respect is THE most important respect.

I respect myself enough to know what works for my body. I know what types of foods to eat that make me feel good, energized, alert and happy. I respect myself enough to listen to myself.

I respect myself so much that I embarked on this journey to continue to explore about myself. Nutrition school isn’t just about helping others, it’s also about helping me become a better me.

That’s all for now folks.

Peace, love, no beef!



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