Eat Well & Prosper

Pardon my cheesiness but hey, if you think about it, when you eat well you tend to live well. Think about the time you spend eating, the time you think about food, how often you go out to eat and when you dream about food. Am I the only one who dreams about food? I had a dream about chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream once and woke up salivating. Food is a huge part of our lives. One of the fundamental aspects of life involves consuming wholesome food. It’s not only good for your body it is also good for your mind and soul. 

Taking the time to chop vegetables or by taking the time to chew ever so slowly to savor each morsel is incredibly meditative. Cooking for me is a meditation. I know, weird right? Meditation does not necessarily mean sitting in one place and focusing on sitting up straight while breathing steadily. I have found meditation amidst the dicing of the onion, julienning of the basil and stirring the pot. If you haven’t realized it yet but you exude energy onto the food you eat. I try to avoid cooking if I’m in a bad mood. Bad mood cooking usually means it’s smothered in cheese and is an odd concoction that turns out rather unappetizing. 

I’m starting to pay close attention to the things I’m eating. Being a vegetarian is hard at times. I have moments where I get frustrated. I know I’m hungry but there is nothing that seems to satisfy my insatiable appetite.  Those days I stare into the fridge and blink hoping something fabulous will appear without me having to whip out the utensils. I refuse to give into chips and fried foods because I know the consequence. Those days I tend to opt for a vegetable soup or a yogurt with some fruit. Simple? Yes. Healthy? Of course.

Pay attention to what your body NEEDS not what it craves (though some cravings are meant to be satisfied- like my French macaroon craving).



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