Rancho Grande…High Expectations…High Disappointments

Ever looked at a restaurant and thought, hey that would be a great place to eat? Yea, well my family has been going to Rancho Grande restaurant on Central Park Avenue in Yonkers for years and has raved about it.  

I must admit sometimes I can be a tad snobby when it comes to eating.  So I thought I would keep an open mind since the last time I ate at Rancho Grande it was somewhat decent.  However, my instinct served correct.  

I ordered a vegetarian quesadilla.  Carrots, cauliflower and broccoli steamed and sauteed in a light sauce coated with some shredded Monterey Jack cheese on a warmed tortilla.  On first bite it was decent but on second bite the vegetables were barely cooked.  I do NOT and I repeat I do NOT liked cooked carrots, especially if they are cut up too big. I know how weird that sounds but I just cannot stand the texture and the sweetness it provides in savory dishes.  Just my preference!! These quesadillas were served with a small side of greens, pico de gallo and guacamole.  I ate two of these quesadillas since I thought maybe the JUST the first one was not cooked right.  There was no flavor.  Nothing to make it obviously mexican.  The spices, the sauces, the technique were lacking.  I was incredibly disappointed.  

However, the rice was perfectly seasoned served with a side of refried beans covered in white mexican queso. Oh my lord it was phenomenal.  I wish I could have just eaten that and saved them the burden of making my quesadillas.  

 Well readers next time you find yourself craving mexican food…I suggest you make these babies yourself.  You can probably do a much better job.  Sorry Rancho Grande, you aren’t as authentic as you claim to be.  At least cook and season your vegetables before trying to pass it off as decently mexican. 

That’s all for now!

Peace, love & No beef!

Guramrit =]


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