Getting into the Food Writing Industry…

It is definitely a challenge trying to break into this industry.  Becoming a food editor is not all sunshine and butterflies, though I wish it were.  It would make it much easier.  Sometimes I wish I could close my eyes for a moment and then when I opened them I would have my dreams painted in front of me ever so clearly.  

I need to get back on track with my job search and internship hunt.  It definitely is like a hunt…I need to approach carefully and be tactful with my methods.  Finding the right strategy is another job in itself.  

Right now I am looking into culinary school but my mom really is pushing me to work for some time.  I want to keep pushing forward and searching but right now I am feeling discouraged.  

Time to keep a positive outlook.  I will grab my skillet, spatula, fork, knife and all tons of utensils and get back in the kitchen and keep cooking. 

Peace, love and No beef.



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