I found phenomenal gelato outside of Italia! 

I have been skeptical to try anything that claims to be “gelato.” Yea, I know how prude and snobby that sounds! But can you blame me? Italian gelato is unlike any other.  

I went to this Gelateria on the Lower East Side on East Houston Street called Il Labortorio del Gelato.  It literally looks like a laboratory.  Talk about an appropriate name! 

I like to try new things so I decided to try Tarragon and Honey Milk flavored gelato. Wow. Talk about a party in my mouth. It was orgasmic.  The two mixed together complimented one another.  Tarragon is an herb that kind of tastes like basil and mint with a lemon hint to it.  The creaminess of the honey flavor balanced out the pungent minty-ness of the tarragon.  

My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Well readers keep cool in this heat!

Peace, love and No beef (just gelato!) 



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