Melt in your mouth Buffalo Mozzarella

I’ve been a tad nostalgic lately…well since I got off the plane from my Euro-trip.  I cannot stop thinking about Buffalo mozzarella. I’m in love with it. The saltiness, the tang, the creaminess, the melt in your mouth phenomenal texture.  I can go on and on for days about my cheese.  

I met up with a dear friend Noelia, a couple weeks back and we both decided to reminisce on our times in Italia over some dinner.  She chose a place called Gaia Cafe on the Lower East Side on East Houston street. Unfortunately we arrived about 10 minutes before the kitchen was about to close so we didn’t get to go extreme with our ordering of Italian delights.  We ordered paninis just to keep things simple and to not be rude to the woman who was kind enough to let us stay.  I, of course ordered a panini that consisted of tomatoes, basil and buffalo mozzarella. It was served on an interesting type of crisp flatbread with freshly cracked black pepper and salt over the top of the bread.  

At first bite it was a nice crispy texture, flakey bits of the bread just tenderly coated my mouth and then in an instant I got the bits of buffalo mozzarella and a tiny bit of tomato.  It was like a symphony of italian flavors parading in my mouth.  I was taken back to Firenze in an instant.  As soon as I realized I was day dreaming, my panini was gone.  I devoured it to the very last crumb.  I left the plate completely clean.  

I don’t understand why people think being a vegetarian is so hard.  There are PLENTY of things to eat.  I was completely contented knowing I had relieved a moment in Italy in the span of 30 minutes. 

Well readers…more later…my mom just put a plate of sweet potato fries in front of me…I think it is time to devour those too. 

Peace, love & no beef!




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