November 2, 2010: Vegan Chicken Burrito from SyraJuice

I am usually skeptical of eating vegan food because to me a world without cheese is chaos! Yet I have been trying to go without dairy to see how I can survive as a vegan.

I did not realize how difficult it is for me to be a vegan, I simply love dairy so much that it is part of my soul!

At SyraJuice I ordered a Vegan Chicken Burrito which consisted of a flour tortilla smothered with yellow rice, black beans, salsa, jalapenos (yes, I asked for them.  I love the spice!), vegan ranch dressing and vegetarian chicken made of tofu.  This faux-mexican treat was served with a side of chips and salsa (which I actually did not eat since the burrito was so filling).  The burrito was tangy, salty and had a mixture of textures.  I enjoyed the crunch of the jalapenos, the smoothness of the rice and the chewy delectable chicken-tofu.  After eating this burrito I believe I can somewhat enjoy the vegan life but I did miss the cheese.

A big vegan chicken burrito from SyraJuice [$5.79 w/chips & salsa]

For all you vegans out there in the Syracuse area here is a new alternative safe on your tummy and keeping true to your dietary practices.

Peace, love and no beef!



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