October 24, 2010: Guilty Pleasures of a College Senior

Yea..it has definitely been a while. I apologize for that.  School is much more than hectic…it has consumed my entire life.

I am currently working on closing my magazine, La Voz and preparing for its launch.

Lately I have been following my stomach and letting it decide what it wants to eat.  I am all about comfort especially since I am incredibly stressed out with academics and extra curriculars.

Here are a few images of the things I have been eating and drinking.


Stoeffer’s Macaroni & Cheese

[The perfection way to get that baked macaroni & cheese flavor you love but from a frozen food section item]

Garden Calzone[Tomatoes, mushrooms, green bell peppers, broccoli & ricotta & mozarella cheese,baked to a crispy perfection. A delicious snack for 4 in the morning]

Yellow Rice, Pink Beans & Mashed Potatoes (home made and delicious)
Falafel Salad with Tahini-Yogurt Dressing and Feta Cheese [from Aladdins on Marshall Street]
Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate [Yummy]
Peace, love and no beef!

Guramrit Khalsa


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