November 17, 2010: Foodie Updates: The Busy College Student on a Budget

Greetings world!

The first semester of my senior year is so close to being over and I am more overwhelmed than ever.

One of the things I make sure to put aside time for is food.

I have bought amazing food while also cooked amazing things these past few weeks.  Usually when I am in rush I try to find something healthy and filling that is vegetarian friendly of course.

Here are a few of the dishes I have had on Syracuse University’s campus and that I have made myself. Enjoy!

Pesto Garlic Wrap with Hummus, Lettuce, Tomato and Provolone

From Schine Student Center

Rating: B+

[All it was missing was a little more flavor from the Hummus, otherwise it was delicious and satisfying.  The pickles gave it a good crunch]

Healthy Taco:

Whole Grain Corn Taco Shell filled with left over rice (jasmine rice with peas & corn),

spiced black beans (with taco seasoning), sauteed mushrooms and zucchini with garlic,

diced tomatoes and white cheddar cheese.

Rating: A [I made this myself with as much love and effort as possible. I even topped it with Habanero Hot Sauce YUM!]

Up close and personal in the healthy taco

Chocolate Lava Cake from the Unique Tea House on Marshall Street

This ooey gooey delectable dessert was the perfect end to a stressful week.

Rating: A [It was warm and melted perfectly.]

Grilled Cheese with Tomato with a side of waffle fries smothered in cheese

From Friendly’s

Rating: A [I wanted something comforting.

There is something amazingly comforting about a grilled cheese. Me and Cheese can never part. Sorry Veganism. I cannot do it.]

The Vegetarian Sandwich from Jimmy Johns (minus the mayo)

Provolone Cheese, Tomato, avocado spread, Cucumbers, alfalfa sprouts and lettuce on fresh made French bread.

Rating: A- [I love the sandwich but I am still not fond of the alfalfa sprouts]

Everything Bagel with Butter from Brueggers Bagels

I am in love with bagels from Brueggers. They are tiny but amazing.

Rating: A [Need I say more?]

That is all for now readers!

Peace, love and no beef!



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