December 12, 2010: Farewell to the Fall Semester…HELLO Winter Break

Greetings readers!

I apologize for my lack of posting.  The end of the semester is the most difficult time especially with final exams and final projects, papers, etc.  I must say the last month was probably the most stressful of the entire semester.  I also must admit that it has taken a toll on my eating habits as well.

I found myself eating yogurt, cereal, pitas and sandwiches.  It was a rare occasion that I decided to cook since I was barely home and practically living int he library.  Luckily I survived and I am back home for the holidays.  I am hopefully going to get back on track this break and will be getting back into the kitchen and concocting some amazing dishes.   My other goal is to eat at as many different vegetarian and vegan restaurants and let you all know what I think.  I don’t consider myself a picky eater, just someone who knows what they like and that healthy does not need to taste like sawdust.

Since I have been home I have eaten at one restaurant, Chef Yu near West 37th and 36th on 8th avenue.  It looked like a peaceful and elegant environment to get some Chinese food.  The first thing that turned me off was the lack of attentiveness.  The lady at the door did not notice we were standing there until I got her attention.  We sat down and it took nearly 15 minutes for the server to take our orders.  Now, I am not the one to complain but when I am hungry do not get in the way of me and my meal.  The server seemed very frazzled and all over the place.  She did not even keep eye contact so I was not sure if she got the jist of my order in the first place.  My mother ordered Mixed Vegetables with Brown Rice and two orders of Vegetable Spring Rolls.  I ordered Broccoli and Bean Curd (tofu) in a spicy garlic sauce with brown rice and my friend Michelle ordered Pad Thai with Shrimp (for those pesca-vegetarians out there).

I have a pet peeve about the way my food is presented to me.  I need it to be presented with love.  The woman plopped the plate of spring rolls down in front of us and said nothing and walked away.  It is all about presentation and attitude for me.  I felt like her attitude rubbed off on my food and I could taste the lack of love in it.  Besides, the spring rolls had literally one vegetable: cabbage.  To me, that is not a spring roll.

Then things seemed to get worse as time went on.  I got my tofu and broccoli and the moment I poked my fork into the tofu it fell apart.  It was disgustingly gooey and seemed undercooked to me.  I like my tofu made crispy or at least cooked until it has a solid form.  This tofu was lifeless and had a jello-like consistency.  I refused to eat it and told the woman to take it back.  I immediately ordered what my mother had ordered: Mixed Vegetables.  That tasted amazing.  The sauce was not too salty but it was spiced perfectly to keep me eating it.  The only thing I really was not fond of was the amount of green bell peppers, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and cabbage that took over my plate.  Yes, a vegetarian can be picky about the vegetables they like!

Overall this restaurant would get a C. The service was awful.  There was no love in the food. But at the end of the day I got to eat a pretty decent order of mixed vegetables for a good price.  For 3 people we spent $30 (including drinks).

Well, I hope that helps readers!

Keep a look out for my other foodie adventures!

Peace, love and NO BEEF!



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