December 17, 2010: The Best Pickle…I mean sandwich EVER

My mouth is watering as I write this entry.  The other day I went to 161st street with my mother and her friend to the Court Deli (literally across from the court-house).  I had not eaten that day and had the strange craving for a grilled cheese with tomato and french fries.  Yes, I am a random food craver.  The moment the sandwich came out I was really excited (and of course starving).  The sandwich was grilled perfectly with the right amount of tomato.  What won me over was the pickle. Yes, I said it. A pickle.  It was so cute. I took one bite and it was unlike any pickle I had ever had. It was crunchy, juicy and had an amazing flavor that was not too bitter like many pickles that may make you have a funny face after one bite.

Just reminiscing on this sandwich makes me hungry.  Although the deli/cafe is really busy at around lunch hour it does not fail to provide you with a delicious meal (reasonably priced too!).

Peace, love and no beef!!!
Guramrit K.


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