June 28, 2010: Chinos Joint Whipping up Mexican Favorites

Another scorcher today.  This extremely hot day called for food that we did not prepare. Although my mother and I went grocery shopping this morning we decided cooking was not smart for this weather.

My boyfriend and I went for a walk down to Panda House Taco and Chinese. We’ve eaten at this fast food spot for its burritos for a few years.  I usually get black bean burrito while my boyfriend opts for the chicken.  When we enter they recognize us and immediately know our order without our saying so.

I have not eaten one  of these ginormous burritos in a long time.  It was heavenly and incredibly filling.  I must warn you, burritos of this caliber usually require a fork and knife.  I don’t know how he does it but my boyfriend is able to conquer this massive monster without the use of utensils.  I think there is a proper etiquette for food of these epic proportions.  I guess I was more afraid of it falling over and collapsing since it was rather messy, messier than normal.  This burrito was loaded with black beans, spanish rice, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and guacamole.  I always add their pico- de- gallo sauce/house salsa to add a kick since I love my food spicy.  The best part was the cheap price for this grand burrito: $4.75.

Lately there has been a surplus of Asians in my neighborhood making Mexican food.  I have no complaints.  I wish we had a more legitimate Mexican spot but for now this is suitable.  I guess it is the poor mans version of Chipotle.

Next time you are in the Bronx around the 205th street area go to the Panda House and taste its huge burrito (no pun intended).

I need to make some trips to other restaurants soon!

Peace, love and no beef!



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