June 23, 2010: Guilty Pleasures on a Hot Summer Day

I spent yet another day on the beach relaxing.  After a bowl of cereal with some blueberries and almond milk I was ready to make my way to the beach for an hour of sun.  I could not tolerate the blazing sun and intense humidity so my mom and I decided to head home early and grab a Chai Frappuccino.  Once we got home we had a light salad for lunch.

This salad was easy and perfect for such a hot day.  Cooking a meal was not an option today.  For our salad we got some arugula, tomatoes, cucumbers, an avocado and a half cup of shredded cheddar cheese and tossed it together.  We make our own dressing, a combination of plain yogurt, tahini (a sesame seed paste common in middle eastern food), soy sauce and  some garlic powder. We tossed the salad in this dressing and topped it with Smart Strips Chick’n (a seasoned vegetarian version of chicken strips which we sautéed in a little vegetable oil to get them to a crisp).

Surprisingly this salad was rather filling and I decided to order some Mixed Vegetables with Tofu from my local Chinese food restaurant later on for dinner.

That’s all for now.

I think I should cook tomorrow.

Peace, love & no beef.



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