June 22,2010: Veggie Meatless Balls & Pasta

I simply adore veggie meatless balls.  I decided to try the same brand I have purchased before and serve it to my family.  I know I like them but trying to please my entire family was a little difficult especially with my brother as such a picky eater.

Today I wanted to eat simply and cook quickly since it was such a hot day.  I cooked a box of Rigatoni, which serves up to four people (perfect for this family).  I took the entire carton of meatless veggie balls and sautéed them in olive oil infused with garlic.  I let it brown and crisp up a little before add a jar of marinara sauce.  I always add my own spices to the sauce to create a new flair and uniqueness.  I added salt, pepper, basil and a little garlic powder to taste.  Tres magnifique if I do say so myself.  My parents were quite satisfied with my creation but my brother was not fond of the veggie balls.  Since he recently started eating meat he felt the veggie balls tasted like straight soy bean.  My parents had no complaints and I definitely loved the garlic flavor of the meatless veggie balls.

I was satisfied but maybe next time for meat eaters I can try something different.

Happy Eating Readers!

I am thinking of concocting a fruit salad tomorrow since it is going to be a high of 92 tomorrow.  It will be an adventure.

I leave you with happy tummies full of peace, love and no beef.



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