June 20, 2010: Happy Daddy’s Day the Daddy Way

So as you all know today was Father’s Day so cheers to the Daddy’s out there.  Today was actually a success in comparison to other years and my dad actually discouraged me from cooking (which made me a little sad since I wanted to create something delicious for daddy day).

We went to Patang, an Indian restaurant on Central Avenue in Yonkers.  A few years ago we took an oath to never go there again because of their ridiculously priced buffet.  Today we took a chance and decided to give the restaurant a second try.  For big eaters like my brother and my dad we got a pretty good deal on a lot of food for a decent price.  It was basically $15 a person but we got a good amount of food for that price.

I ordered some lip smacking good paneer (an unaged home-made cheese which is made by curdling hot milk with lemon) floating in a delicious makhani sauce, a buttery tomato sauce infused with traditional Indian herbs.  I was in awe with what my mouth was tasting.  I almost cried because of how good it tasted.  Sappy much? I ordered a side of garlic naan (seasoned pita bread) and a mango lassi (a yogurt drink, almost milk shake like but not as thick and the ice is not blended).  The combination of the naan, paneer and lassi was perfect.  I ate at about 5 p.m. and I am still full.  My stomach was more than satisfied.  The best part?  I still had food left over and I can eat it again tomorrow!

Here is a picture of what our food looked like (sorry it looks half-eaten, I was too excited to eat to worry about taking an enticing picture)

Compliments of my Blackberry & Patang Restaurant

Here is what my prospective family ordered (all vegetarian minus my brother)

Mom: Vegetable Biryani- a traditional Indian fried rice full of spices and mixed Indian vegetables

Dad: Baingan Bartha- a traditional Punjabi dish made from grilled smokey eggplant cooked with spices and a few other veggies. It looks a little mushy but my dad loves it especially with a side of Naan or Tandoori Roti (bread made inside of a Tandoori Oven).

Brother (the skinny fat boy of the family): Paneer Makhani (just like me), Raita (yogurt seasoned with cilantro, cumin, cucumber, spices), Basmati Rice and Tandoori Chicken (he was unable to eat more than one piece because of the extreme spiciness of this dish)

Next time you want some good Indian eats order yourself a Mango Lassi, eat some Paneer and finish with a Gulab Jamin (a fried milk and rose-water dessert served with a delectable sweet syrup).

But for now readers I leave you with peace, love & no beef



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