June 15, 2010: Taco Bell Anyone?

After four days away my mother finally returned from a little retreat. My brother and father immediately asked what was for dinner. Tired yet fully relaxed my mom came up with an easy solution that never fails to result in satisfied tummies and smiling faces: Taco Bell.

Yea, I know it sounds a tad gross because it is fast food and fast food tends to not cater to the vegetarian audience. But if you’re craving cheap mexican food and you have a Taco Bell near by, don’t hesitate to sweep in and grab some grub.

The best part about Taco Bell for vegetarians like myself is the ability to replace the beefy grossness with some refried beans. Talk about a healthier alternative.

Next time you’re near a Taco Bell give these tasty meals a try:
Bean Burrito, 7 Layer Burrito, Mexican Pizza (with beans no beef) or a Crunchwrap Supreme (with beans no beef).

Just thinking about food makes me hungry.

But for now readers keep on eating veggie and stay cool in this summer heat.

Peace, love & no beef.



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