June 13,2010: Spanish Paradise

I felt a random surge of culinary creativity today while being on a 5 dollar budget.  Amazingly enough I was able to get enough materials to buy the perfect ingredients to feed my boyfriend, 18-year-old brother and cousin as well as myself.

I get random cravings for spanish cuisine and today I felt motivated to cook something but of course realized I was down on cash.  I went to the nearest Key Food and bought a can of Goya pink beans, Goya Sofrito and a box of Vitarroz Yellow Rice (pre seasoned, just cook according to the box and you are good to go), this cost me just $4.  I also bought 2 potatoes and a zucchini for a nice garlic roasted vegetable accompaniment to the rice which cost me $1.  Easy right?

The best part of this easy meal was how good it tasted at the end.  I love the taste of a meal that was budget friendly and appetizing.  YUM!

My best friend says I am Latina at heart.  I love my Indian and Irish background but I know I have the appreciation for a good Spanish meal.  My next conquest, Platanos!

But for now readers peace, love & no beef!



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