June 11,2010: Dish of the day: A Frozen Organic Meal

On a lazy summer day nothing is easier than popping a frozen entrée into the microwave, waiting 5 to 6 minutes and chowing down without any effort.

Today I tried a frozen meal from Amy’s Kitchen.  My mom likes to buy these organic frozen foods that I usually detest because they mostly taste weird and look appetizing on the box but are rather unappetizing once cooked.  Surprisingly this frozen entrée was pretty good.  I had Amy’s Kitchen’s Cheese Enchilada Whole Meal which comes with one cheese enchilada, a side of seasoned corn and beans.

After a few minutes heating it up in the microwave I was ready to eat.  It was the perfect combination of sweet and savory.  The only thing it really lacked was the spice.  I had to add my own hot sauce to it but I was still satisfied.  The best part about this easy frozen dinner was high protein, low calories and low-fat.

Next time you come across Amy’s Kitchen, be sure to pick up a couple of their Enchilada meals.  They are pretty yummy and make your tummy happy.

Compliments of Amy’s Kitchen Website

Peace, love & no beef.



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