June 10,2010: Who Knew Pizza could ever taste SO good

Sinful. Delectable. Mouth watering. Veggie Pizza. Yes, I said it, Pizza.

Pizza can probably be one of the most delicious foods ever created.  When I am away from home I crave the gooey cheesy greasy-ness that is pizza.  I remember the first time I had pizza at Acropolis on Marshall Street and I ordered one slice in order to be disappointed by the scrawny midget sized slice.  I immediately asked where the rest of the slice was.  The server said “Lemme guess, you’re from NYC.”  I replied “Yea, I am. So let me get another slice.”  Although the dough, crust, sauce and cheese are pretty good at Acropolis, nothing compares to my NYC slice. Or so I thought.

Today my family and I took a random trip to Pizza Palace in Connecticut.  The dreadful two-hour ride was worth it once we arrived to this true palace of pizza.  We ordered the Vegetarian pie.  It was spectacular.  It was unlike any pizza I ever tasted.

There were mushrooms, broccoli, tomatoes, onions and green bell peppers all perfectly scattered on oozing hot mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.  The crust was crispy and delectable.  I loved the crunch of it.  Although sometimes it was a little annoying to bite into.  I am not a big fan of small shrimpy looking slices but I enjoyed being able to eat 3 of these veggie delights.

The pizza wasn’t even the best part.  The most phenomenal part of this two-hour trip was their house dessert.  It was the perfect combo of a graham cracker walnut crust, thick whipped cream, chocolate pudding and chocolate syrup.  Layered delicately and presented elegantly, my mouth couldn’t stop watering from the moment the waitress placed the plate in front of me.  It was immediately devoured within minutes.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced vegetarian dinner where you get your veggies and a sweet tooth satisfied, Pizza Palace is the way to go.

I’ll keep you updated on my foodie adventures through out my summer.

But for now

Peace, love and NO BEEF!



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