July 15, 2010: La Vineria: Dinner Date Downtown

My cousin Bani and I have a great love and appreciation for Italian cuisine.  I have always loved Italian food and often prefer it over Indian food.  My cousin loves it because of her trip to Italy a few years back.

Our original plan was to eat at Arriba Arriba on W 51st Street and 9th Avenue but because it was ridiculously crowded and noisy we decided to walk down and check out the other restaurants along 9th avenue.  As we walked we saw an empty restaurant, La Vineria.  It was odd to see this restaurant empty especially since it had been open for two hours already.

My cousin and I decided to give it a try.  We sat in the back of the restaurant which was fully equipped with mood lighting, air conditioning and Italian music.  You can tell my cousin and I are related because we both looked at each other and decided we wanted the exact same meal.  We even had the same wine choice: a glass of Pino Grigio. Our entrée was a mushroom and cheese ravioli swimming in a sweet creamy tomato sauce with a little parmesan cheese shaved on top.

Before you get to take a bite of your meal the waiter places a bread basket filled with flavorless bread sticks and two types of yummy bread.  For dipping there were lentils soaking in a spicy garlic extra virgin olive oil. My cousin did not really want the lentils and scooped out the olive oil but I gave the lentils a try and it was not as bad as I thought.

I actually had more fun drinking the wine and eating the bread than actually the entire meal.  The ravioli itself was mediocre.  The sauce was too sweet and the mushrooms were a tad overpowering.  I would have prefered a little more cheese but hey, I am a cheese girl.  Everything tastes much better to me with more cheese!

We decided against dessert especially since the price for a meal for two glasses of wine and two plates of ravioli was $50.  We opted for a less expensive but still satisfying dessert: Coldstone.

My overall rating of this meal: B+.

I think I have over done it with the cheese and bread for a while.  I am going to attempt a no cheese and no bread diet for a week. Wish me luck!

Peace, love & no beef!



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