July 12, 2010: Lean Cuisine: Low Fat & Vomit Worthy

Tonight for dinner I wanted something quick and easy and of course something that was pasta!

I tried a new Lean Cuisine Market Creation: Mushroom Tortellini. It is mushroom and cheese tortellini with snap peas, sun-dried tomatoes, red peppers and peas drowned in a mushroom cream sauce.  I love mushrooms but boy was this a mushroom overload.  The sauce was watered down and disgusting.  I know Lean Cuisine is trying to help maintain skinny waist lines but I need more than four pieces of tortellini to fill me up.  I was still hungry after I ate this pasta dinner.  I had to add marinara sauce and parmesan cheese to the pasta to actually add any type of appeal to this dish.

The only good part of the dinner?  The tortellini itself was delicious but all the extra froofroo was unnecessary and disgusting.

Lean Cuisine for Vegetarians, please step your game up.  I am really discouraged from buying these meals.

That is all for now.

Peace, love & no beef.



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