July 12,2010: The Scoop on Veggie Wraps

I was finally reunited with my best friend after 7 weeks and we always stuff our faces with the most junky food possible.  My best friend loves Twinkies, Oreos and of course New York City Style Pizza.

We waddled down the streets near my apartment and eventually ended up at a hidden diner called Nicky’s.  Communicating with the waitress was a hassle but eventually we decided to just eat simply and have wraps with french fries.

Even though I was hungry and just wanted to eat, I have a good amount of complaints about the wrap. The moment I peeled the wax paper off of the wrap it immediately fell apart and started to drip.  The wheat tortilla was filled with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms and swiss cheese but drenched in a very tangy vinaigrette that was probably a spinoff of Italian dressing.  I was annoyed with the dressing especially because it was overwhelming and dripped out of the wrap.  I spent most of my time picking at my fries which were not as I imagined either.

My best friend and I asked for cheese fries but these fries just had a slice of American cheese slabbed on top of the freshly fried frites.  I was disgusted especially since I HATE AMERICAN CHEESE. American cheese to me is just a processed glob of grossness that lacks flavor.  I am more of a cheddar cheese kind of girl.

Well, that’s the gospel truth on wraps.

Peace, love & no beef!



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