July 10,2010: Penne a la Vodka Kosher Style

I have been craving pasta for the past few days so when I got the opportunity to eat my boyfriend’s uncle’s penne a la vodka I was more than thrilled.  I began to salivate at the thought of being able to consume such a heavenly dish.

The penne was cooked perfectly and was immersed in a creamy luxurious sauce.  The sauce was rich, creamy and comforted my mouth with each bite.  I could taste the parmesan cheese in each bite along with the little hints of vodka taste minus that awful burn that accompanies a normal shot.  It tasted like great time, quality and love was put into each bite especially in the selection of ingredients.

What was even more fascinating for me was the fact that my boyfriend’s uncle runs a Kosher Pizza shop (I never heard of one before) and that this penne concoction came from there.  I must admit I did indulge in a slice of pizza or two from this pizza spot because it was incredible! I adore New York style large slices but these medium-sized slices were the incredible compliment to the penne.  Of course I was sharing so I was not packing on super amounts of calories, carbs and fat.

I wish I could go back in time and eat more of this penne a la vodka. I think I should create my own pasta with vodka sauce in the near future.  I have so many culinary ambitions and I hope I can accomplish them before the summer ends.

Peace, love & no beef!



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