January 26, 2010: Lunch Time Yum Yum’s

Yes I just made up my own word but that is how I felt today when I grab a wrap for lunch.  I am not a big fan of eating sandwiches besides a bagel with cream cheese. In general I do not eat a great deal of bread.

Today I enjoyed a simple wrap.  Usually when I order sandwiches at home in the Bronx I am questioned heavily about my choice to not include meat on my sandwich.  Apparently a sandwich is not a sandwich without the deli sliced meat.  WRONG! All you need are a few ingredients and you are set.

One of my favorite ingredients on a sandwich is pesto sauce.  For my sandwich today I chose a pesto-garlic wrap with pesto sauce, provolone cheese, tomatoes and lettuce.  For some reason I cannot picture this sandwich as complete without having it grilled.  The cheese melts and the pesto sauce heats up the wrap and oozes into your mouth with every bite you take.  My mouth is watering as I am writing this.

It is a sensational combination for a wrap/sandwich.  The best part is that the wrap is light and not as heavy as regular bread.

It was filling but I was not overly stuffed.  Wraps at SU come with pickles and chips.  For today I decided against chips and went straight for the pickle. YUM YUM YUM. My stomach is still happy.

If you’re ever looking for more veggie friendly sandwiches try adding more veggies to the sandwich and replacing the meat.  Think cheese, lettuce and tomato!

For now I will leave your mouthes watering.

Peace, love and No beef.


P.S. Look out for my upcoming post comparing Morningstar and Boca!


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