January 25, 2010: Food Network…Vegetarian Friendly or Not?

I am so sorry for writing a post so late.  I am still getting adjusted to being back at school. From now on there will be no more excuses! I promise!

While I was at home during winter break, the Food Network was pulled from Cablevision because of a dispute.  It was devastating.  I watch the Food Network practically everyday.  I cannot live without it for one day.  Fortunately my school’s basic free cable provided us with the luxury of the Food Network.

The Food Network currently lacks a completely vegetarian friendly television show.  It’s a dream of mine to be one of the first chefs to have a veggie cooking show.  Right now it seems like a stretch but hey, anything is possible.  I religiously watch the Food Network and am highly offended that no one has dedicated many episodes to vegetarian cuisine. No offense Food Network but one episode per show does not cut it.  Although I feel the Food Network lacks in veggie friendliness I was actually surprised to see one of my favorite chefs dedicate an episode to vegetarians.  It was unexpected but none the less exciting.

Last week while lying on the couch I came across a rare special on Vegetarian cooking.  Giada De Laurentiis, my favorite chef on the Food Network (famous for her shows Everyday Italian and Giada At Home) had an entire episode on Everyday Italian for Vegetarian food.  Although I was groggy from the busy day I sat up immediately and watched closely.

The dishes that she chose were pretty bizarre but that does not mean that I would not give it a try.  She definitely puts an Italian twist on everything she does and being a fan of Italian food I would not hesitate to try these dishes in the future.

For inquiring minds take a look at the website and the recipes she has.


Being vegetarian does not mean all deliciousness disappears, as Giada says.

I’ll let you know when I try it out on my own.

Peace, love and no beef.



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