January 20, 2010: College Students’ Guide to Vegetarian Eating

One of the most difficult things about being in college is the inability to eat well at a decent price.  Dining hall food just doesn’t cut it and sometimes it is really hard to get yourself to cook a decent meal.  Being a vegetarian in college is even more difficult. My mother worries excessively about my eating habits up at school.

I usually lose a lot of weight because I am usually on the go and forget to eat. As a vegetarian college student my two basic staples are cereal and pasta.  I could practically live off of those two things.

No, I do not eat those two things every single day but it is a major part of my diet aside from fruits and plenty of frozen veggies (try Green Giant Steam Bags- really easy to make and so yummy). Cereal and pasta is easy to make and super cheap.  When cereal and pasta does not cut it I go out to eat on Marshall Street or most recently the Inn complete on South Campus (Syracuse University).

Some suggestions for a decently priced veggie meal are  below:

Pita Pit – Try their humus pita, it costs $5 and you can put all the veggies and cheese you like

Samrat- Although the food is mild in flavor for indian food, this is a great place to go if you crave a little spice especially for a lunch.  The lunch buffet costs $7.  Grab a mango lassi (an indian version of a milkshake) and you are good to go.

SyraJuice- located on Marshall Square Mall, they have amazing Smoothies and Burritos for under $5!

Bleu Monkey Sushi- Although I do not eat fish, there are many veggie rolls available as well as salads.  I usually go for the avocado or cucumber,eat go for about $2-$3.

The Inn Complete- on South Campus, it is convenient for people who live nearby and the best part is they take SU Super Card money.  Today I ordered a Veggie quesadilla with a side of french fries (soooo good).  The quesadilla had cheddar cheese with tomatoes, jalapeñoes and green peppers with a side of sour cream and salsa.  It was a tad spicy but I love heat in my food.  The best part was cooling it off with chocolate lava cake for dessert.

Aladdin’s- my new favorite place.  What I like is the variety of foods available from falafel to Pitas to Pasta, Pizza and Salad.  The most expensive dish is $13 but thats probably a meat dish.  I recently tried their Falafel salad. It is $6.95 with your choice of salad dressing and cheese.  It was incredibly filling but also delicious.  For a more middle eastern taste, I chose their tahini-yogurt dressing with feta cheese.  

Compliments of my Blackberry and Aladdin’s Restaurant

If I come across anything new during my first week back I will definitely post it!

Bon chance dans votre classes! (Good luck in your classes, yes I am practicing my french) And remember, you will find no beef here! GK


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