Creamy Curried Carrot Soup

Happy New Year!!!

Any on their New Year resolution flow? I’m not a big fan of making resolutions, it just feels like a setup for failure. My mom and I were having an awesome conversation this morning about the difference between hope, faith and trust.

It sounds like it’s pretty much that same shit, right?

Hope leaves a little twinge of doubt. “I hope I get the job.” or “I hope it all works out.”

Faith is a step onward and upward but still has some minimal belief that there is a possibility something won’t happen or show up or workout.

Trust is completely about surrendering. I trust that Universe has my back. I trust that the right job is coming. I trust that my body knows what is best for it.

This is all, of course, a matter of perspective. It can mean different things for different people. But to me, it really makes a ton of sense. Being hopefully isn’t a negative thing but I would rather wholeheartedly trust that my life is taking the right course and that I am doing all the right work to making this life positive, uplifting and amazeballs af.

Okay so what in the fudge muffins does this have to do with this post and resolutions?

Well, this year I’m back to focusing on recipe testing and fully devoting myself to working on two cookbooks.


So this is really my biggest intention for the year. Not a resolution. An intention. I am not hopeful or have faith, I trust that this is the right thing to do (if you know of any literary agents or publishers that dig ma flow, lemme know yo). And besides, recipe testing has its perks and really results in some awesome weird a** combinations.

This is where this recipe was born. I felt a tad bit toooooo selfish keeping this to myself.

I’ll be honest, I’ve NEVER made carrot soup but when hubby and I were on our honeymoon we had a delicious creamy carrot soup that ultimately had me questioning my current standings on this soup.

And boom. This sexy thang was born.

Creamy Curried Carrot Soup 

Serves 2
Total time: 45 minutes
What You Need:
  • 1 to 1 1/2 pounds of medium (smallish) carrots (mixed colors and sizes are cool too), sliced in half
  • 1 sweet potato, cubed
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 teaspoon of ginger, chopped/minced/pulverized
  • 1/4 cup cilantro, roughly chopped
  • 2-4 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon (or more if you want it spicy) of fermented chili paste (or non-fermented, whateva you like)
  • 2-4 cups of water or veggie broth
  • 1/2 can full fat coconut milk
  • Salt, pepper to taste
  • Lime juice for garnish
How You Make It:
  1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Prepare a baking sheet with foil. Spread out carrots and sweet potato. Proceed to rub rub rub 2 tablespoons of the coconut oil over these babies.
  3. Proceed to roast for 20 minutes or until sexily golden.
  4. Meanwhile, in an appropriately sized soup pot, sautee garlic, onion and ginger in coconut oil. Let it get fragrant and awesome.
  5. Stir in chili paste and season with more salt if you feel it’s necessary.
  6. Whisk veggie broth or water into the pot and bring to a boil.
  7. Once boiled, simmer on medium heat until your veggies are ready.
  8. Remove your veggies from the oven and slowly add to the liquid. Cook for about 15 minutes.
  9. Carefully remove soup from heat and pop soup (either in batches or all at once, just be mindful of heat) into a blender. Blend until creamy and return to pot.
  10. Pour in coconut milk and turn on the heat for about 5 minutes. Stir frequently to make sure it’s incorporated.
  11. Garnish with lime juice and cilantro, maybe more salt, if ya wanna do that 😉 or maybe some chili paste.
  12. Boom.

Now, how delicious is that?!

Peace, love and NO beef!



5 Tips for a Nourished Thanksgiving


And just like that we blinked…and Thanksgiving and the holiday season is upon us. I am sure you’ve seen the intense bombardment of Christmas decorations and you’ve already contemplated your gift lists and wish lists.

Not gonna lie…I’m hype. 

I love the holiday season from the hot cocoa, to singing chestnuts roasting on an open fire, to checking out the tree in Rockefeller Center, I’m all about it. It helps that my husband is just as obsessed with the holiday’s as I am. And it all starts here.


It marks the beginning of an AMAZING time of year.  

I understand that for some, it’s not that hot or exciting. Ya’ll ain’t diggin’ what I’m putting down. It can be stressful, I get it. I’m hosting TWICE this year. Yea. TWICE for Thanksgiving.

From figuring out what in the heck to make and how to navigate the endless options without going overboard, yea, shit can get real.

I want to pass the good juju on to you and give you some inspiration, reassurance and serenity as you enter this beautiful season.

This post will help you:
  • approach holiday dinners and gatherings with ease
  • give you some recipe inspiration so that you’re actually able to eat something
  • debloat/detox from overeating
  • feel cool, calm and collected

Can I get an amen?!!

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Super Stuffed Peppers {Almost Vegan, Perfectly Delish}

Tempeh Bacon Lettuce & Tomato Sammies (4)

When life gets insane in the membrane, meals that are simple to put together and extra nourishing really make everything that much better.

I’m not going to lie, the last few weeks have been challenging for me. I’m adjusting to a new work schedule and I think I’ve spread myself pretty thin (just picture this: I work three jobs- not complaining, I love what I do- I’m planning a wedding that’s 2 months away, I still need to have the time to eat, sleep, cook, get mani pedis and enjoy summer).

Being human is a challenge sometimes.

Some days we sleep less.

Some days we eat less or more.

Balance is such an illusion. It’s not real. We can truly have it all but we don’t need to sacrifice it all in order to have it. I’m not a delusional holistic health guru. I exist in this real world. Sometimes there is no time to slave away in the kitchen and it is too damn hot to turn on the mother flippin’ oven or even stand near a stove and pizza sounds like the best option.

This recipe was born on a day it wasn’t too hot to put on the oven and I just didn’t want a ton of pots going at the same time. I just wanted to take what I already had in my fridge, put it together in a semi-cohesive, orgasmic, healthy dinner.

2016-07-08 19.55.30.jpg

I’ve done this a handful of times over the last month or so and to be honest, it only gets more and more delicious (and random af).

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Yogi’s Pad Thai

Detoxifying Red Lentil Dahl

Whoa baby, this heat just decided to come out of no where and say heeeeey.

And starting tomorrow I’m getting back on my cool food consumption. This fiery weather really is pushing me towards that simple, clean, light eating but of course, something that still tastes good. Okay I have other factors motivating me as well (running a 7 day cleanse and um…my wedding).

The last few months have flown right on by and our wedding is just about 3 months away at this point. My dress has finally arrived and bestabelieve I tried that thang on. It fits like a glove. But like every bride I’m sure, eating light and making sure everything stays right and tight is top priority.

That’s where this raw salad comes from.

This “pad thai” is not really a pad thai. The sauce is really the main thing that makes me think of pad thai without the added heaviness of noodles. It’s zesty, tangy and filling without leaving you bloated, uncomfortable and dissatisfied. I’m all about that satisfaction.

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Oodles of Zoodles with Avocado Pesto

Tempeh Bacon Lettuce & Tomato Sammies

Whoa…where have I been, right?! Sheesh. Okay, I will keep it real with you, I’ve been working diligently on my Spring Cleaning Cleanse program which starts on Monday, April 25 (click here if you wanna join in yo).

I’ve been in the kitchen trying every single recipe, making sure it’s super duper simple for those busy peeps and putting together a pretty gorgeous e-guide for my cleansers. Kinda nice of me, right? So I apologize in advance for my absence. I promise once the cleanse is over, I’ll get back to normal (sorta).

I am in the process of shifting to lighter eating (thank you Spring weather and Mother Nature for getting the memo) so all my recipes are focused on this. And to be honest, it gets a little boring. Who the hell wants salads all day every day? NOT ME. That sucks so I give myself the opportunity to change it up a bit, you know, like with this recipe for Zoodles (zucchini noodles, yes, it is a made up word but so what?!).

This recipe is…



Full of flavor.

And takes only 10-15 minutes (or less if you quick like that).

Can you dig it?

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