O.M.G. Gotta Get Some Ghee

My solidified delicious ghee

The last day or so I find myself really focused on being focused, getting clear and staying on my path. I sometimes struggle and think that maybe I’m not cut out to run my own business, or caught up in the “what if” mindset. I’m new at this and I am always learning how to improve but sometimes that ego and that mind chatter begins. And I’m like listen b*tch, it’s time for you to shut up so I can focus. No more bs, let’s show up, do the work and everything will be okay. But there are moments when I just don’t want to do a damn thing and I wonder if I should go back to working a corporate job because that’s what everyone else seems to be doing, because that seems to be much easier than trying to figure this out myself.

Quite the struggle, ain’t it?

No one said this was going to be cake. But I admit I miss the frequent flow of a salary and just knowing no matter what I was going to make this amount of money, every 2 weeks and have vacation days, summer Friday’s and awesome benefits. Yet, there is something absolutely liberating about starting from the bottom, well not the bottom bottom but the beginning I guess. It’s a huge test of patience, trust and persistence that’s for sure. And sometimes I want to scream into the Universe, “I’M READY! LET’S DO THIS ALREADY! BRING ON THE GOOD PLEASE.” But I know that it doesn’t work that way. Every single thing that I am doing I know is leading me on the right and perfect path. And there’s more of that trust thing. I’m working on it. But in the meanwhile I am going to just keep going. Keep trucking. Keep showing up, sharing my gifts with the world and know that all is well. And this really requires a sh*t ton of grounding. For shizzle homie.

This is where my homie ghee comes in handy. If you’re a vegan, I’m really sorry but this is one of those things my body just naturally craves. It’s an Indian thing. And besides, in India our cows are sacred so there is nothing cruel about this process.

Ghee is an ancient Ayurvedic superfood and a must-have. This delicious staple in my home is the purified version of butter, with milk solids (and lactose) removed leaving behind a thick, creamy version that is loaded with healthy fats, vitamin A, D, K, E and helps with digestion. For me, good digestion and healthy fats = clear mind and grounded-ness.

In ancient Ayurveda, ghee is known to be beneficial for cleansing the body’s internal organs, and remove toxic waste. It is also used to enhance the nutritional content of the food it comes into contact with. It has many uses from cooking to drinking (with warm water as a tonic, to help you poop, yay poop), gargling, bathing, and moisturizing the skin. I haven’t put it on my face yet, but I’ll let you know how that goes when I do it.

I included my recipe for ghee in my cookbook, Yogi Eats: A Delicious Journey to Nourishing Your Soul and wanted to share it with you. I’ve already gone through one jar of this stuff…and I’m itching to make more. AHH!

Here ya go yoghee lovers 😉

What You Need: 

  • 2 pounds organic grass-fed unsalted butter (think Kerrygold, it’s my fave for this)

How You Make It: 

  1. Over medium heat in a large deep pan, melt the butter.

    Step 1: Melting the Butter

    Step 1: Melting the Butter

  2. Once the butter has melted, reduce to a simmer and bring heat to low.
  3. Foam should start to develop at the top. Remove foam. Continue to cook on a low simmer for 10-15 minutes.

    Step 2: The first layer of foam

    Step 2: The first layer of foam

  4. Once the second layer of foam starts to develop and the butter is a golden color, remove from heat.

    Step 3: The second foam and ghee becomes a golden color

    Step 3: The second foam and ghee becomes a golden color

  5. Let cool slightly and pour using a wire mesh strainer (or cheesecloth) in your desired container (preferably glass). Store at room temperature and enjoy!
    Step 4: Cooled ghee in a glass mason jar (before it solidifies)

    Step 4: Cooled ghee in a glass mason jar (before it solidifies)

    Note: Leave the bits at the bottom of the pan (you do not want this in your ghee).

My solidified delicious ghee

My solidified delicious ghee

You can use ghee in place of butter in any recipe (I use it on toast, I use it when baking, sauteing, you name it). It’s a purified version and everyone will be happy. Their bellies and mind will thank you later 😉

That’s all for now my darlings.

Peace, love and no beef babes!



3 thoughts on “O.M.G. Gotta Get Some Ghee

  1. Kathleen says:

    Thank you for the courage to share your own struggle! So often we think everyone around us has it all together – we don’t! Please know that you are making a huge difference in your client’s lives (speaking from personal experience…) and we hope you keep going! Sending you light and love and encouragement!


  2. Donna says:

    Dearest Guramrit,

    You Rock!!!
    Keep the faith and keep on doing what you’re doing. You’re on the road to success and being positive and grounded always helps. ALWAYS know I’m in your corner.

    “Gotta love you! : ) !
    Love Donna


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