Soul Nourishing Gift Guide

Can you believe Christmas is just 10 days away?! What happened? Where has this year gone?

Before you start breathing heavily and freaking out that you haven’t thought of this gift or that gift. Stop. Take a DEEP breath and know I have your back. I saw a bunch of gifts guides for everyone on your list but I figured maybe you aught you treat yo self or even your soulmate to some soul nourishing this season. From essential oils to healing jewelry, your soul will enter 2015 on an all time high. Get ready ya’ll!

No Beef Gift Guide

  1. My Bohemia Jewelry, price varies. My amazing friend Veronica creates yoga inspired healing bracelets, malas and beyond to transform your practice to a-whole-nother level. Each piece is created with love, devotion and is completely unique.
  2. The 2015 Desire Map Planner, $34. I ordered this back in August once orders opened up. I love the idea of being organized, mindful, honest and raw about my future plans all in one place. 2015 never looked so bright and vibrant.
  3. LUSH Cosmetics Flying Fox Shower Gel, $29. Smell and feel sexy from head to toe with this honey infused and jasmine scented body wash. Lather up in the shower and feel so so so sexy you never want that shower to end. Great for you or even a friend who wants a little added sexiness each morning.
  4. The Goddess Line Roll On Fragrance, $30. Awaken your inner goddess and stimulate your chakras with these handcrafted essential oils. The best part? No chemicals and they smell divine. Your soul will sing after one swipe of the fragrance. My top three: Durga, Isis and Saraswati.
  5. Oh She Glows Cookbook, $15. If you’re looking to get back in the kitchen or know someone who is ready to embark on a beautiful journey towards wellness, this is a great book. From fab smoothies to easy dinner ideas, being vegan never looked so easy and tasted SO good.
  6. Aloha Bay Chakra Candle Muladhara$12.  Let’s attract well deserved abundance this year with this delightful chakra candle. Awaken your solar plexus chakra, manifest your wildest dreams and beyond in the new year. You are worth it.
  7. Home Cleansing & Blessing Kit, $20. Have a friend who wants to ring in the new year on a new foot? Cleanse out the old, welcome in the new and bless your space. I light sage once a week after I clean my home and purge the stale energy of the week with the sage. This kit is absolutely awesome for beginners!

What are your favorite gifts to give and receive?


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