Food for the Soul – Bid Adieu to STRESS


There are some days when I take a look at my to-do list and really wonder if even half of it is doable. My knee jerk reaction is panic. My heart beats rapidly, my stomach cramps, and I start thinking about anything other than the tasks at hand. Yeah, a little procrastination happens, let’s be real. No matter how much I plan, and I’m the queen of planners and calendars, I can’t seem to avoid a momentary panic. But what good would I be or how effective can I possibly be when I am under stress? Some people can function under pressure, in fact it’s when they shine, but that’s really not beneficial for my health – think raised cortisol levels and comfort food. Shoveling spoonfuls of coconut ice cream into my mouth while wallowing in self pity.  I don’t want that.  None of us do. We all want to feel as relaxed as possible.

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