Food for the Soul… Finding the path to energetic wellness |

Check out my first post for my column on the Happiness Series: Food for the Soul!

If You Knew Me When…

If you would have met me in college, you would have known the Guramrit who indulged in a big order of cheese fries, heavy on the cheese, and who suffered from all kinds of allergies no one even knew were actually possible to be allergic to… think cockroaches, dust, feathers and mice (yes, mice). These allergies and my obsession with cheese and all things greasy, comforting, and sinfully delicious lasted through all my teen years and time in college.

I cannot think of a time when I didn’t love a good block of cheese. In fact, I was known as the cheese queen. And, I have always been the foodie out of my friends, loving food more than the average girl. AND if it had cheese, you KNOW I was all about it. Ravioli, cheesy nachos, cheesecake, Dominos cheesy bread (the college students ultimate drunk food)… and the list goes on.

Read more here:  Food for the Soul… Finding the path to energetic wellness |.


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