First let me start off by apologizing for my hiatus. Literally the day after I posted my beautiful picture of me in a headstand, I got into a little accident that led to a concussion. My doctor recommended that I take bed rest and really allow myself to relax and recover. Me? Rest? Ha! Funny! I like to relax but rest, what is rest? Clearly, this concussion was (and still is, since it takes time to heal) a signal or even blessing from the universe indicating I really needed to rest. 

I love to take care of everyone and feel that it is my responsibility to take care of people but at the end of the day, if I allow myself to get depleted how can I really be effective? These past few weeks have really been a struggle for me. I am always sleepy, spaced out with headaches, dizzy, nauseated and just overall exhausted. What bums me out is that I can’t get back into a headstand for a while! I know, where are my priorities right? I love the feeling of being upside down! It’s so free and it is one of the few moments when I do not think! 

I just got back to work this week and after two weeks off I am having a hard time. I can barely focus (this blog post has taken me a few hours to write), my attention span is ridiculously short and I have to take frequent breaks since I get so many headaches. Even though I am really frustrated with myself, I realize this is my time to reboot and recharge. My brain is rebooting and relearning, warming back up and all my programs are reinstalling. I am learning to slow down and take deep breaths often. Even though right now I would love to jump into inversions, go crazy with my yoga poses and get back into Zumba, I have to put my healing first. I instantly hear Billy Joel singing to me, “Slow down you’re doing fine, you can’t be everything you want to be before your time.” 

In honor of my reboot and slowing down, here is Vienna by Billy Joel. Let it remind us all to slow down, unplug, recharge and reboot when we need to. 


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