Making Positive Investments

“Everything we do is an investment of who we think we are.” These words strongly resonated with me as listened to the minister at Unity of New York speak this past Sunday. I got lost in this one sentence (literally got lost because I was completely absorbed into this thought provoking statement). As I thought on the things I do, what I spend money on and who I spent time with, I wondered how that reflected my vision of who I am.

As you all know I’m an advocate for organic, whole, healthy and nutritious living. Part of living a whole and healthy life is taking care of you besides those foods you put on your plate. There are multiple sources of energy and nourishment besides those which modern nutrition provides. This is what Integrative Nutrition calls: Primary Food. Each element, each part of our lives are interconnected. It truly is a great circle of life. Everything we do impacts another aspect of our life determining where and how we seek out nourishment. For example: If there is discontent in our home life or relationships we may seek to find nourishment (for that which is lacking) through food (emotional eating). I know I literally feel “sick to my stomach” if I am overcome with negative emotion. Taking a moment to focus on spirituality, relationships and the things I invest in provides a grand perspective.

After Sunday’s service I really have stopped to think about the things I devote my time and energy to. I think on those moments when I spend precious energy on being angry or negative (which is rare, since I try to be as optimistic and positive as possible). So does the energy I waste on negativity reflect a negative view of myself? I find myself to be a pretty positive person. I must admit acknowledging that where I devote my energy reflects who I think I am, made me a little upset. I wanted to avoid thinking that the vision of myself isn’t always reflected through the things I invest in. But we are all victim to succumbing to those moments of darkness. It doesn’t mean we will get stuck there. Or at least I don’t allow myself to get stuck there. I know that I value myself highly enough to remove myself from a faulty investment.

Think of your life as a stock market and you are a trader or a business woman/man. Everything in life is a stock. There are many options from who you choose to be friends with, the restaurants you go out to eat at, your hobbies, your attitudes and feelings. Whatever you invest in either brings you great benefit or can ultimately lead in a crash. Your life is a reflection of your choices. Sure, there are many things out of our control, part of the journey’s we decided to embark upon prior to being born. Yet there are SO many things within our grasp that are waiting to be chosen. I have chosen an organic, wholesome and clean lifestyle with a vegan diet. I value myself and my body so I only invest in what makes me feel the best. Why treat yourself or make investments in things that won’t uplift or empower you? I make a conscious effort to take care of myself and put the most productive and supportive investments first. In my weakest moments and my moments of shadow, I hope to choose only those things which uplift my vision of myself.

I wish you choose similarly for yourself. Choose the most productive investments. Let your life reflect a pure, wholesome, happy and healthy life.


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