I LOVE Farmers Markets

If there is one thing I truly adore, it has to be farmers markets. On a beautiful rainy Thursday (aka yesterday) my mother and I took a trip up to West Nyack for some Vegan Caribbean goodness at Main Essentials restaurant. If you’re into a Caribbean flavor, enjoy fresh squeezed juice and great company (and reasonably priced lunches/dinners), Main Essentials is the place to be.

After a phenomenally filling and healthy lunch, my mom and I found a farmers market right around the corner. I was in heaven. The first thing I came across was a station selling eucalyptus plants. When I feel congested or just need a pick me up, inhaling eucalyptus essential oil is a perfect solution. I needed a little green in my room so I thought getting a plant would bring me a clear head and clear the energy in my room.

I really wasn’t anticipating finding anything other than fresh local organic produce, which is not easy to come by in the first place. (Side Note: If you are looking for local organic produce there are farmers markets on 161st street on Tuesday’s in the Bronx, on Moshulu Parkway on Wednesday’s/Thursdays and in Union Square Mondays, Wednesdays, Friday & Saturdays) I didn’t find the vegetables that I really needed in that moment but I did come across an organic vegan bakery selling the most decadent yet waist friendly lemon lavender cookies. I had to hide them in my house so I can actually enjoy them (Sorry Dad).

The surprises continued to unfold when I got the opportunity to have an olive oil tasting. The last time I had an olive oil tasting was at a farmers market in Florence last year. Italian olive oil is my weakness. There is something healing about the olives they choose for their olive oil (it’s either that or I’m just obsessed with anything Italian). But to my surprise, six olive oils later, I ended up choosing an organic Palestinian olive oil with a rich, nutty, peppery flavor with a slight bitter aftertaste similar to that of radicchio. 

After my encounter with THE most delicious olive oil since Italy, I came across a station dedicated to honey. Now, if you suffer from seasonal allergies like I do, popping a Benadryl or a Claritin is dreadful. I’d rather find a way to get relief naturally then ingesting pure chemical crap. I found bee pollen, harvested by the friendly Abbott & Costello loving farmer behind the counter.  Not only does bee pollen help with allergies, it is loaded with radical fighting antioxidants, may slow cellular aging and contains 22 amino acids (read more about this good stuff here: Natural News) But of course, please consult your physician before popping a few spoonfuls into your smoothie tomorrow. Aside from my excitement for finding bee pollen, I found lavender infused honey. Yes. Absorb that thought. Picture the mouthwatering goodness that is lavender and honey. Yes. I bought that. I own that. Let the hallelujah chorus commence. Seriously?! I think my taste buds died and went to heaven and resurrected.

Farmers markets are such a crucial part of living a healthy life. Not only can you get fresh local organic produce, you can get your hands on some phenomenal goodies to keep you healthy and happy. The best part about this farmers market trip? Everything I purchased was reasonably priced. $20 for olive oil, $5 for eucalyptus plant, $5 for lemon lavender cookies, $8 for lavender infused honey and $8.75 for 100% LOCAL bee pollen. Can’t possibly get better than that!

That’s all for now readers!

Peace, love and no beef!



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