The Veggie Chronicles: Week 2 of Nutrition School done and Week 3 just begun

So I wrote this post when I was close to completing week 2 of nutrition school at Integrative Nutrition. My brain is a super sponge/permeable membrane welcoming all this fabulous knowledge. However, after nearly two weeks, and an awful cold/flu (I cant decide which one yet) I have become increasingly paranoid about dairy.

I find myself wanting to really cut dairy out for the sake of my sanity. The thought of what is being done to cows is beyond imaginable. I cannot fathom the horrid things that happen at these dairy farms. Well, maybe not farms but the big bad guys who milk a cow until it’s sore or even when it’s pregnant.

Though I don’t rely solely on dairy for my protein, vitamin D or other nutrients, I still find myself eating Greek yogurt, cheese, cheese and MORE cheese. I haven’t drank cows milk since the 6th grade (that’s about 12 years ago). Did you know we are the only species who drinks another animals milk? Cows drink cows milk, goats drink goat milk and sheep drink sheep milk, etc.

Did you know it’s super challenging to quit cheese? The reasoning for this is because there are small traces of opiates (ex. Morphine) in cheese. I knew there was a reason I was having such a hard time quitting cheese. I am actually contemplating giving complete veganism a shot. I want to test out how my body feels without my beloved cheese and delicious yogurt. I have tried coconut milk and almond milk yogurt. It’s not terrible.

When I think about all the mucus causing cheese I normally love to eat when I am not feeling well, I think I could have prevented this. I know that dairy and I don’t really get along but me and cheese seem to do okay for the most part. Maybe that’s me in denial. But seriously this mucus is no joke!

I am challenging myself to a two week vegan challenge! I will eat vegan for two weeks and track how I feel and let you lovely readers know how it’s working for me. But for now, I’m off to drink tea and plenty of fluids and live off of soups for the rest of the day.

Peace, love and no beef (maybe no cheese?),


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