Tuning Into Yourself

How often do you really sit with yourself and thoroughly contemplate what it is exactly that your body needs? Often we are not completely in tune with our bodies and what our bodies need. We are blessed with a phenomenal system. Our bodies are incredibly intelligent and if we listen close enough we can actually decode the hints our bodies are giving us. 

I must admit that even though I find myself to be incredibly health conscious and aware, I have my moments of weakness when I try to sneak in something like a scoop of ice cream or even a few nibbles of pizza. Almost instantly, my body shuts down and I start to feel nauseous, sick and weak. My body knows that this is not normal for me and rejects the junk food. I am constantly promoting the concept that we are what we eat. What we eat determines how we feel. If we are eating “crap” on a daily basis, what do you think you will feel like? That’s right, crap. 

Taking the time to actually listen to your body when it’s hungry, thirsty or craves something requires effort. But taking the extra step to channel that and figure out what exactly your body needs requires great skill and patience. Sure, after a stressful day a nice glass of wine could do the trick to ease your nerves. But what does your body really need? Maybe a relaxing bath, classical music, a loving home cooked meal. 

Stop for a second and breathe. Take a moment to connect with your body and what it needs today. Just know that by simply listening to your incredibly intelligent body, you are improving your lifestyle and bringing yourself to a balanced state. 

Remember, what works for one person may not necessarily work for you. You are unique and require a nutritional lifestyle that is personal to you. But of course, eating healthy, whole, natural foods applies to everyone universally.

Peace, love and no beef,



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