Organic Vegan Brownies

Yes, I promised a brownie recipe and here it is. It is not only ridiculously simple, it is incredibly delicious. This batch of brownies didn’t last more than 2 days. No one will even know they are vegan.The best part? You can cheat. I’ll tell you how!

What you need:

1 Box of Dr. Oetker Organic Chocolate Brownie Mix (Yes it is a mix but it is phenomenal)

**The box calls for eggs and oil but I don’t use eggs**

1 cup of coconut milk (not the canned stuff)

1/4 cup melted vegan butter or olive oil

Ener-g egg replacer (1 egg = 1 1/2 tsp dry Egg Replacer plus 2 tbsp water)

**I only put one egg since I used coconut milk.**

[If you don’t have Ener-g egg replacer or you can’t find Dr. Oetker Organic Chocolate brownie mix, you can always use another brand but preferably organic. instead of Ener-g egg replacer you can use applesauce or Greek yogurt instead]

How you make it:

1. PREHEAT oven to 350°F for a shiny metal pan; 325° for a dark, non-stick pan.
2. GREASE bottom of pan (with vegan butter or olive oil).
3. BLEND organic brownie mix and the rest of the ingredients in a bowl until moistened and well incorporated. Spread into prepared pan.
4. BAKE 25-30 minutes on center oven rack.

Tip: If you want moist brownies cook for 25-30 minutes. Watch carefully and make sure you let these bad boys sit before you decide to take a bite. It is worth the wait. For more cake like brownies cook for 35 minutes.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Peace, love and no beef!



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