I’m a firm believer that when you think of something or concentrate your energy on that thing you call it into action. For the past few weeks I’ve contemplated a cleanse. I wanted to try a juice cleanse, a detox, or whatever. I wanted to try something to flush out my system so I could feel healthier on a different level. The moment I really started to plan this out my body decided it was going to detox on it’s own. In other words, I got sick. I keep my immune system at it’s best for the most part since I eat right, exercise often, get my vitamins and wash my hands ALL the time. 

At first I was a bit upset at my body because I had a ton of things I imagined myself doing this past week. Then I realized, “Oh, I needed this.” Though it may seem weird that I was actually okay being sick, it allowed me to just rest and flush out the things I needed to flush out. I didn’t have to go on a liquid “cleanse” because I wanted to, it’s because my body needed to. I was on fruit smoothies, juices and soups all week. In addition to the 10 pounds I lost over the last few months, I lost about 5 pounds in one week. I’m not condoning a liquid diet for any reason whatsoever. I just think that if your body needs to rest, detox or cleanse you should allow yourself the time to do so. 

As I am slowly re-introducing solid foods back into my life, I find myself even more conscious of the things I’m putting into my body. I admit I don’t deny myself a craving if I have it and I’m not a calorie counter but I am more aware of what works with my body. The more you become in tune with what makes you feel good, the sooner you will achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

Listen to your body, it knows what you need. 

That’s all for now readers.

Peace, love and no beef.



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