July 8, 2010: Pizza Obsession

I think I have a problem and that problem is pizza.  This heat wave is so ridiculous my mom decided not to cook once again.  My mom decided to order the 5-5-5 deal from Dominos Pizza.  We ordered one pie with cheese, one spinach, tomato and onion and one pepperoni (for my gross meat-eating brother, and I say this with love).

Three of these tiny slices and you are stuffed, but the only thing is I feel so stuffed that my stomach hurts just a tad.

I like how the new and improved pie dough tastes at Dominos.  It really is all the commercials hype it up to be.  The garlic and herbs add a distinct but delicious touch to the crust. I think it is best not to overeat this pizza.  Just because the slices are small does not mean you can eat more.  Be careful and if you want to eat a healthier slice of pizza you can just add a few veggies!

That is all for now readers! It is a short but sweet post but hey it was a short and sweet meal.

Peace, love and no beef!



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