July 8, 2010: Montezuma’s: A Taste of Almost Authentic Mexican Food

Hello Readers!
Last night was my boyfriends birthday and we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant located near by. This place, Montezumas, was dimly lighted with candles with a somewhat soothing atmosphere. The authenticity was thrown off with the modern pop, techno and club type music. For a Mexican joint I usually expect a mariachi. I know it sounds a little typical but hey it is what you see when you go to Mexico!

The one thing that usually buys me is the chips and salsa. The most delicious start of meals at these restaurants are the warm fresh tortilla chips that are unsalted and perfectly crisp and accompanied by a fresh spicy salsa. The salsa was addicting. I could not get enough of the spicy kick the salsa had. I was not too pleased with the guacamole. It lacked the authenticity I crave when it comes to guac. It was too oniony and lacked garlic and cilantro. It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t amazing either.

For my entree I had the vegetable enchiladas accompanied by refried beans topped with cheese and rice. The enchiladas were filled with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots and were topped with sour cream and a red chile sauce. I was a little disturbed with the great amount of sour cream plopped on top but it tasted great when mixed with a little salsa.

For a drink we all had sangria. It was a little strong for my taste but could have had more fruit and been a little sweeter. I think as far as authenticity goes I am not sure where the sangria falls.

This restaurants service was decent but the food is really what you go for.

If you are ever in the Kingsbridge area try to hit up this spot.

But for now readers I must bid you all adieu.

Peace, love and no beef!



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