July 23,2010: Indian Delight Friday

After work, as a family we went to an Indian restaurant: Bukhara Grill located in Yonkers.  My brother and dad got the buffet special and practically ate everything on the menu. While my mom and I split matar paneer (semi soft Indian cheese with peas in a creamy curry sauce) served with basmati rice.

Of course I cannot have my dinner without Tandoori Naan (cooked in the Tandoor Oven– made out of clay) and a Mango Lassi. The combination of flavors was perfect.  I think the creaminess of the matar paneer was something I was not used to.  Usually I have the type that does not come floating in a  sauce, it is usually rather dry but does not lack in the delicious spicey component.

To top off this wonderful meal we had keer, a rice pudding seasoned with cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg.  Sometimes it has slivered almonds or cashews or raisins but I prefer it plain with out all the extra froofroo.

It was nostalgic, almost euphoric.  It reminded me of my grandmother.

Rest in Peace Dadi Ma. Love you.

Peace, love & no beef.



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